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Strike Pay – Information and FAQs

Published 9th February 2023 by GMB EMAS

GMB EMAS announced the introduction of Strike Pay back in January. Members have been contacting us recently with further questions or applying for Strike Pay before a deduction from wages.

We have outlined some key information below to help you understand how Strike Pay works, how much you can claim and when you can claim it.


According to GMB’s rule book, Strike Pay is not available for members until the third day of industrial action, which was on 6th February, 2023. However, in light of the current cost of living crisis, GMB recognises that it would be unjust to make members wait until the third day of action. As a result, any member who has experienced a pay reduction of more than 25% due to participating in Industrial Action will be eligible to receive Strike Pay.

When can I Claim?

EMAS have provided clear indications of when a deduction will be made from your wages for each day of industrial action.

Please see the table below showing what month your pay will be deducted.

Day of Industrial ActionPayslip Showing DeductionClaim Strike Pay from GMB
21 December 2022FebruaryFebruary Payslip
11 January 2023MarchMarch Payslip
6 February 2023AprilApril Payslip
20 February 2023AprilApril Payslip
6 March 2023MayMay Payslip
20 March 2023MayMay Payslip

How much can I Claim?

The amount of Strike Pay you can claim is based on the amount of your shift you were taking industrial action.

For example; if you were on a 12-hour shift and were on full strike for 6 hours, you can claim £50.00. We’ve made it easy; the application form will calculate this for you.

Percentage of Pay DeductedStrike Pay Amount
75 – 100%£70
50 – 74%£50
25 – 49%£25
0 – 24%£0

How to Claim

Please note: we are expecting a large influx of applications around February payday when the first deductions are made as proof is required of the deduction from your wages. Please bare with us while we process applications. You will be notified by email of the progress of your application.


If you are unsure or have questions about strike pay or the application process, please contact us via email at

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