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New TOIL SOP v3.2 Draft

Published - 19th March 2019

GMB@EMAS are looking for staff comments on the new proposed TOIL SOP! Can you help?

GMB Written to the Secretary of State for Health

Published - 25th February 2019

The GMB have today written to the secretary of state for health to push for a strengthening of the current…

Update Bank Datails​ & Address with EMAS

Published -

From 1st March 2019 you MUST update any changes to your bank details and address details using the ESR portal.

GMB Response to HCPC Fees

Published - 18th February 2019

Following the recent sham consultation undertaken by the HCPC the GMB sent in a response as part of the consultation…

Technician Rebanding – Workshop Dates

Published - 15th December 2018

As part of the Technicna Re-Evaluation work we will be holding a number of workshops across the trust.

GMB lead the way for Technician Re-Banding

Published - 9th December 2018

On the 3rd of November, GMB informed the trust that we will be looking at the banding of technicians with a view to asking for the role to be re-matched.

GMB Rejects NHS Pay Deal!

Published - 1st November 2018

Firstly, welcome to your new role. As you will be aware, the Pay Deal for NHS England and Ambulance Service…