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NHS Pay Ballot Open

Published 3rd April 2023 by GMB EMAS

The pay offer consists of a three-part package:

Non-consolidated pay offer for 2022/23 of 2% for all Agenda for Change Staff, plus an NHS Covid Recovery Bonus which equates to an additional 4% of the pay bill. This is in addition to the £1,400, or 4%, already received this pay year.

Consolidated pay offer for 2023/24 of 5% for all Agenda for Change, except the lowest pay bands who will receive 10.4% to lift them above the Real Living Wage.

A package of non-pay issues which the NHS Staff Council will work through to address staff morale and retention issues. This also includes reform of the pay setting process for future years. Full details can be accessed on the link below.

It took almost 100 days, but you made the |Government move to a position of negotiating with unions, which is a first. That is a ‘Big Win’.

GMB is recommending that members accept this pay offer as the best that can be achieved through these negotiations – but ultimately, members will decide.


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