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How did GMB EMAS members vote?

Published 3rd May 2023 by GMB EMAS

Last week we announced that nationally GMB members had voted to accept the UK government’s pay offer that was made several weeks ago.

We want to be transparent and open with our members and have the final numbers for how members voted within EMAS.

GMB EMAS Member’s Results

Accept – 723 (53.3%), 33.3% of members eligible to vote.

Reject – 633 (46.7%), 29.2% of members eligible to vote.

Turnout – 1,356 (62.5%)

GMB National Results

Accept: 56% of members eligible to vote.

Reject: 44% of members eligible to vote. 

Turnout is 51% 

While we understand this may be disappointing to some members, please be assured GMB and your local GMB EMAS reps will be working hard to secure better working conditions moving forward.

Further details will be published shortly on plans that involve lowering the pension age and removing section 2 in favour of the previous Annex E.

We will as always keep you updated via our website.

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