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GMB – Retirement Age Campaign

Published 19th August 2019 by GMB EMAS

Letter from Rachel Harrison – GMB National Officer

This weekend, news hit the headlines that the Conservative Government were considering increasing the state pension age to 75. The announcement came from a report published with recommendations by the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ). The CSJ is a Think Tank, fronted by Iain Duncan-Smith MP for the Conservative Party. The Conservative Government have already planned for increases to the state pension age to 67 years by 2028 and 68 years by 2046. The new recommendation is to speed up the increase and raise the state pension age to 70 years by 2028 and 75 years by 2035. As yet, the Department of Work and Pensions have not ruled out this proposed increase.

As you will be aware, the GMB is already campaigning for a reduced retirement age for ambulance service workers to 60 years, in line with other emergency services and this campaign continues.

The response to our recent member survey was overwhelming.

  • 99% support and want to join the GMB campaign for a reduced retirement age to 60 in linewith other emergency service workers in the Fire, Police and Armed Forces.
  • 99% think their job will be too demanding, physically and mentally, the older they become.
  • 96% don’t think they will be able to continue in their role until their pensionable age.
  • 88% are worried that there won’t be opportunities for redeployment if they are unable to continue in their role.

As a result of the GMB survey, several communications to the Department of Health, and a protest outside of the Department, the GMB have now secured a meeting with the Deputy Director, Pay Pensions & Employment Services and the Director of Employment Relations and Reward.

The meeting will take place on Thursday 12th September 2019 at GMB National Office. Also in attendance at the meeting will be National Officers from Unison and Unite.

I would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that our campaign to reduce the retirement age of ambulance workers to 60 will continue and all of the issues and concerns raised with us during our recent survey will be passed onto the Department of Health for their consideration. An update will follow after the meeting on the 12th September 2019.

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