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GMB Recieve Pay Offer from UK Government

Published 16th March 2023 by GMB EMAS

It’s been 106 days since GMB EMAS received the legal mandate for our members to take industrial action over pay and conditions.

Earlier in March, we announced that the UK government had finally agreed to enter into negotiations with health unions, following on from industrial action taken by you, the members of GMB EMAS. Talks between the two parties have been ongoing for the past two weeks and substantial progress has been made.

The Offer.

GMB EMAS are please to confirm the government have put forward the following offer which includes:

  • A non-consolidated increase on 2022/23 pay of 2% for everyone and an additional 4% of the pay bill which will be a covid recovery bonus and shared across the pay bands. This is in addition to the money already received in 2022/23 (£1,400 for all, enhanced to 4% for top of Band 6 and all of Band 7).
  • A 5% increase for 2023/24 pay for all, enhanced to 10.4% for Bands 1-2 to ensure they are lifted clear of the Real Living Wage.
  • New money to pay for both 2022/23 and 2023/24 increases and not from existing health budgets.
  • A range of non pay issues, including career development and support, job evaluation, tackling violence and aggression, staffing levels, plus more.

More information including table of pay bands can be found here or in your inbox!

In a statement, the GMB union said:

“We are pleased that the government has finally entered into negotiations with health unions and has now made a pay award offer. We will of course ballot members in due course on their decision to accept or reject it. However, GMB recommend members accept this offer.”

What About Conditions?

Many members have asked us to also look at the conditions being faced by the Ambulance Service, from the pressures from NHS 111 to lowering the retirement age and the removal of section 2.

GMB EMAS will continue talks with the government and our local trust to identify areas of improvement over the coming months. We will of course keep you updated via our website and social media.

GMB EMAS has been at the forefront of the campaign for fairer pay and conditions for EMAS employees and has been instrumental in organising industrial action both locally and nationally. The fight is not over and we will continue to fight for better conditions moving forward.

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