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GMB: NHS Job Evaluation Survey

Published 14th July 2022 by GMB EMAS

Ensuring our members working across the NHS and ambulance services receive the right
pay for their job is a key priority for GMB. As the staffing crisis within the NHS continues
to worsen, the demands placed on the remaining staff also increases. Many GMB members
report to us of increased duties and responsibilities that are not matched by appropriate
reviews of pay bands and of difficulties in accessing those reviews.

What is the correct process?

Agree a job description with your line manager. Your job description is the most
important part of this process and it should reflect all that you do in your role. You
should speak to your GMB representative prior to agreeing the content of your job
description with your manager.

Job description is sent to a job evaluation matching panel. This panel is trained in
evaluating jobs and decide which pay band your job description is placed in.

You are paid in line with the decision of the matching panel.

GMB plays an active role in the NHS Staff Council Job Evaluation Group and is engaged in
all work to update the national job profiles that exist across the NHS. This survey is to
assist GMB in understanding job evaluation concerns and problem areas across our
membership base and ensure we are appropriately reflecting this nationally.

Please take a couple of minutes to complete this survey by no later than:
Friday 12th August 2022.

GMB: NHS Job Evaluation Survey (

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