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GMB lead the way for Technician Re-Banding

Published 9th December 2018 by GMB EMAS

On the 3rd of November, GMB informed the trust that we will be looking at the banding of technicians with a view to asking for the role to be re-matched.

This will follow the rules laid down in the Job Evaluation Handbook. This handbook, published by NHS Employers, clearly lays out the process to be followed. The latest version can be downloaded from the NHS Employers website.

At the next reps meeting on the 23rd of November, we will discuss how best to start and facilitate this process and information will be communicated to members when we can.

We will need to meet with staff face to face at some point during the process and we will let you know when and where this will happen.

At some point in the future, we will also be sending some communications out by e-mail so we will need to obtain the email addresses of techs across the counties. As you can understand this will be a big ask so please bear with us on this.

Just to make members aware there have already been 2 re-banding appeals for techs since 2004. In both cases, techs were confirmed as band 4. We do understand, however, that the technician role has changed since then and this is the information we need to capture.

Also in April 2017, the NHS Staff council executive gave the Job evaluation group permission to evaluate all job profiles in the NHS. GMB is part of this process and we will ask for an update at the next NAC meeting on the 14th of November. This again is no easy task as there are over 250 profiles to look at.

You can comment and discuss this further on our facebook page here

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