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GMB EMAS – Statement on the change of Strike Action dates

Published 23rd December 2022 by Dan Roizer

Firstly, the initial thoughts from the Regional Officer [CT] and Branch Exec team was that we wanted to continue with the action on 28th December as it had been a huge success on the 21st.

After listening to other GMB reps in other Trusts it was clear that when it came to a vote, the over-riding opinion would be to postpone the 28th and serve notice for the 11th January 2023.

The other GMB Regions reps stated their reasons as;

Only other option was to go it alone at EMAS, which we felt was not the best course of action.

So with a heavy heart we have agreed to be coordinated with all other GMB regions.

On a positive note, it gives us more time to prepare and to make 11th January 2023 even better. And without mince pies.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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