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GMB EMAS Announces New Strike Dates

Published 18th January 2023 by Ian Burton

After the disappointment we all felt regarding the changes to the last round of industrial Action, the GMB EMAS Branch surveyed our members, asking what YOU would like to see our next round of action look like. The results of this survey were:

GMB EMAS Survey Results on Future Action.

Thank you to all of you who completed our survey: The GMB EMAS Branch are committed to our members and want to acton and follow your requests. We therefore shared these results in a meeting with the GMB National Ambulance Committee, and proposed the following dates, which have been agreed and adopted by the majority of other GMB Ambulance Branches.

  • Monday 6th Feb – Day 3
  • Monday 20th Feb – Day 4
  • Monday 6th Mar – Day 5
  • Monday 20th Mar – Day 6

Each day of strike action will run for 26 hours, commencing at 0600hrs and finishing at 0800hrs the following day. Extending the times should allow all staff rostered for a day, twilight or night shift on the day the action starts, to complete their entire shift within the strike window (no more returning for the last hour or so of your shift!)

Throughout this 2 month period, we will be constantly reviewing our actions and planning for further action if the Government fail to engage in meaningful discussions for resolution. 

Picket lines will be operated from 0800hrs to 1800hrs each day.

In addition to the existing exemptions, all staff are reminded that these options can be changed during the course of the day of Industrial Action. Exemptions will largely remain the same, however there will be some minor amendments which will be announced ASAP.

Ian Burton
GMB EMAS President

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