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Retirement Age, Section 2 and More…

Published 3rd May 2023 by GMB EMAS

GMB members across the NHS and ambulance services have voted to accept the three-part pay offer from Government. This means that GMBs current dispute over pay for 2022/23 is over. 

Thank you to all those who took the time to vote in this ballot and those that went before it. Thank you to all those who participated in industrial action – whether on strike and the picket lines, covering agreed derogations and exemptions, or attending picket lines to support on your day off. All of these actions are what got the Government to do its biggest U Turn yet.  

They refused to re-open the pay round for 2022/23, they refused to negotiate on pay for 2023/24 and they refused to find more money for NHS pay. Your actions made them change direction on all those points. We asked them to Talk Pay Now – and they did! 

We now look ahead and focus on how we secure more for GMB members across the ambulance service. The journey to pay restoration is far from over – this was the first step. GMB policy to campaign and fight to restore pay for NHS workers continues. As do our campaigns: 

  • To remove Section Two unsocial hours and apply Annex E to all. 
  • Lower the retirement age to bring ambulance workers in line with other emergency service workers.  
  • To ensure ambulance workers are paid the correct rate for the job they are performing. 
  • Paid breaks. 
  • Ambulance service reform – with ambulance workers at the heart of what that looks like. 
  • A zero-tolerance approach to violence and abuse. 

If you would like to get more active in pursuing these campaigns as a GMB activist, please email

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