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Re-enrolment into the NHS Pension Scheme

Published 12th June 2019 by GMB EMAS

Under the NHS Pension Scheme automatic re-enrolment rules, EMAS is required to reassess the worker status of all employees every three years to enrol staff who are not already in a pension scheme.

All eligible staff that are not already in an automatic enrolment pension scheme will be reassessed under re-enrolment rules.

If you have already opted into a pension scheme nothing will change.

For employees who have opted out of the NHS Pension Scheme or NEST (alternative pension scheme), our payroll and pensions department at Nottinghamshire Health Care Foundation NHS Trust will be in touch to ask if you wish to opt out again and to provide the required form.

Forms should be submitted after 2 July 2019; they cannot be processed before this date.

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