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NHS Pension Scheme – Reimbursing Staff

Published 9th May 2019 by GMB EMAS

In 2015 new Pension Schemes were introduced across the Public Sector. These schemes increased the retirement age. In order to protect members from sudden increases in their retirement age, those within 10 years of retirement were exempt from being transferred into the new schemes. These ‘protected’ members were allowed to stay in their pre-2015 schemes.

As you may well be aware, the Treasury decided to pause the remedy for reimbursing staff in the NHS Pension Scheme who have paid in too much money. 

We at the GMB are not happy with this and have raised a petition to request the government to ‘un-pause the pause’

We are asking our members to help by signing the petition here.


More information can be found about this by downloading the fact sheet here.

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