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GMB Response to HCPC Fees

Published 18th February 2019 by GMB EMAS

Following the recent sham consultation undertaken by the HCPC the GMB sent in a response as part of the consultation process. Despite an overwhelming rejection of the increase the HCPC have decided to increase all fees by 18.5%.

In a time where paramedics have seen real terms decreases in wages that have simply not been matched by the recent pay deal forced on our members our national officers have started to canvass all MPs in parliament to get support to reverse this wholly unacceptable decision.

In its final publication announcing the rise the HCPC did not include the feedback from GMB members, a fact that was jumped on by other health sector unions who have been scathing of what they see as us ignoring this issue.

Please be assured we did send in a submission that was critical of the HCPC and called for the rise to be scrapped.

Click here to download our submission.

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