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GMB EMAS Response to the use of Military on Strike Days

Published 18th February 2023 by GMB EMAS

GMB Union in East Midlands Ambulance Dispute respond to the use of Military

We are calling out the Government in their attempt to fool the public into believing they are “bringing in the military to save lives”.

It is simply a lie”.

“The 17 individual military personal will NOT be attending any life threatening emergencies. They will only be attending low level situations. They do not have the training or skills of the NHS heroes in the ambulance service”.

“It’s the GMB Union members who are still responding to life threatening situations from the picket line. Not the military.”

Colin Todd GMB Regional Organiser

This is confirmed in an internal bulletin which stated the military would be used to help respond to lower acuity calls. We will predominately use them for calls which come from NHS 111.

Military personnel will not provide patient assessment or treatment and they will not be used as part of our 999-ambulance call response. Their role will be limited to the driving of vehicles in addition to the safe moving and handling of lower acuity patients and essential equipment.

The GMB Union at EMAS were made aware of this possibility last week and have sought to engage whilst objecting to the use of Military.

“We believe that EMAS have been pushed into using military by the Government to support the Barclay, Hunt, Sunak rhetoric and propaganda.”

“Up until now, through local negotiations we have agreed derogations to respond to life and limb situations, however this is an escalation by the Government which is likely to see a backlash.”

Mark Dawn – GMB EMAS Branch Secretary

“I respect the military and what they do in their chosen profession, but they are being used and abused by this Government. Their terms and conditions have also been slashed. I am sure if they were allowed to strike, they would be in dispute too”.

“They should be used for the job they have been trained for and not in a domestic industrial dispute”.

Colin Todd – GMB Regional Officer


Currently planned strike days:

  • Monday 20th Feb 6am – Tuesday 21st Feb 8am
  • Monday 6th March 6am – Tuesday 7st March 8am
  • Monday 20th March 6am – Tuesday 21st March 8am

Click here for information on Picket Lines.

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