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GMB EMAS Attend Congress 2023

Published 8th June 2023 by GMB EMAS

During the recent GMB annual congress, representatives from the GMB EMAS Branch were in attendance to propose and prioritise motions for the Union’s upcoming year. Ian Burton and Holly Sharpe were elected as delegates to represent our branch at this event.

One of the motions put forward by our branch was aimed at reverting a recent change in the GMB rule book, which had led to a reduction in branch commission. Our proposal sought to reinstate the commission back to its previous level of 10%. Unfortunately, the Central Executive Committee rejected this motion.

However, it is worth noting that GMB EMAS supported a motion presented by our colleagues from the West Midlands Ambulance Service branch. This motion called for the abolition of the less favourable Agenda for Change Section 2 contracts and a return to the previous Annex 5 contracts, deemed more beneficial for members.

While our branch’s motion did not receive the desired outcome, we remain committed to advocating for the interests of our members. We will work closely with branches from other Ambulance Trusts nationwide to fight for better working conditions.

We will shortly publish our nationwide ambulance survey results for what you want us to fight for next.

You can watch the motion being put forward below;

Motion 157 – Abolishment of Section 2 within the Ambulance Service

The branch also put forward Holly Sharpe as an equality delegate who supported motion 184, which looked to see carbohydrates make a more prominent place on food packaging to help those suffering from diabetes better control their condition.

Motion 184 – Display Carbohydrates on Food Packaging
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