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Ballot Myth Buster!

Published 24th October 2022 by GMB EMAS

Key Points About EXCEPTIONS

  • These will be discussed and agreed upon after we have the mandate to strike
  • Trade Union decide what is an exception, NOT THE EMPLOYER
  • Members DO NOT have to respond to exceptions when on strike if they don’t want to
  • Members who do respond to exceptions during strike WILL be paid for that time
  • We can be far more specific with exceptions than simply saying we will respond to all C1 calls
  • Exceptions do not fall within the ‘action short of strike vote

General Strike Points:

  • We cannot lose the current pay award we have been offered. It can only get better or stay the same
  • Members who vote for or take part in industrial action cannot be disciplined for it in any way
  • Members who are not due to be at work on a strike day do not suffer any loss of pay, but are welcome and encouraged to join any of the picket lines
  • Members who are due at work on a strike day will lose pay for the time they are ‘off duty’ because of the strike (unless they choose to respond to an exception)

Trade Union Bill 2016 Rules:

  • We have to have a postal ballot for the same reason electronic voting is not allowed in a general election
    • Voting needs to have 3 key aspects: secrecy, accuracy and verifiability
    • Top computer scientists believe that it is impossible to achieve all 3 with electronic voting due to the risk of hackers etc.
  • We have to have 50% return of ballots from our members
  • We have to have 40% of our members in favour of a strike

Our consultative ballot met the requirements for strike action in terms of the number of votes cast and ‘yes to strike’ answers. Now we need you to vote again in the POSTAL BALLOT – look out for the ORANGE ENVELOPE arriving in the post. VOTE YES to strike and YES to action short of a strike, then RETURN your ballot paper straight away in the PRE-PAID ENVELOPE.

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