East Midlands Ambulance Service GMB Members have voted to take strike action for better pay conditions.

This page will be updated as the campaign continues, follow along for up-to-date information on the industrial action.

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Who is taking part in the ballot?

Everyone who is a GMB member in the Ambulance Service including make ready, enabling services, front line etc.

Hospitals and Community Trusts will run their ballots along the same lines so all GMB members in a particular trust.

If the ballot votes for strike action what actually happens?

GMB@EMAS will take strike action. There may be exemptions such as cardiac arrests and entrapment but essentially it will be strike action.

What was the online ballot for?

The previous online Consultative Ballot was used to gauge members’ views on strike action.

Following the results outlined above, it has been decided to conduct a CIVICA ballot which has to be a postal vote as per the Trade Union Bill of 2016.

Will we respond to C1 calls?

Should a vote to strike be achieved, GMB@EMAS will have discussions at a branch level as to what if any exemptions will be applied.

We are also still awaiting information on whether exemptions will be applied across the whole Ambulance sector or whether they can be agreed on locally.

How will my pay be affected?

If you are due to be working on a day of the strike, you will not be paid while on strike. However, if you are on a rest day when a strike is due, your pay will be unaffected.

Ballot Timeline

Strike Date 28 December 2022

28th December 2022

Strike Date 21 December 2022

21st December 2022

Ballot Closes

29th November 2022

Postal Ballot Launch

24th October 2022

Trust Informed of Ballot

17th October 2022

Consultative Ballot Results Published

6th October 2022