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GMB Leadership Survey – Update

Published 31st January 2024 by GMB EMAS

In December,  GMB@EMAS  launched a survey to engage  members regarding  various issues that affect our diverse membership.

This survey closed on the 14th January 2024 with over 500 responses.

We are thankful for those of you who completed the survey  and we are now able to provide a brief update.

GMB@EMAS Branch have analysed the data that you have provided, and hundreds of comments.

In summary, the feedback suggests a variety of experiences within EMAS, with some staff members praising certain managers for their support and empathy, however, many raise serious concerns about bullying, lack of diversity, and inconsistent application of policies. The organisational culture and management practices appear to be key areas of concern.

We fully appreciate what we have done by reaching out in this way has not been universally popular, some have seen this as mischief making, but we now have evidence that there are significant concerns within the culture of EMAS that require a forward-thinking approach to find a resolution.

An initial meeting has taken place today, Wednesday 31st January 2024 between our senior branch officials and the CEO of EMAS Richard Henderson and Chairman Karen Tomlinson to discuss a way forward and a further meeting will be held in the coming weeks to present further data.

Our mission was never to create instability within EMAS, that would serve no purpose for our reputation or that of the organisation.

We will strive to work with the Trust Board and develop action plans based on the feedback we have, to ignite a period of engagement aimed at reversing the results we have received to  make a difference to the working lives for everyone within EMAS.

There is an appetite from our CEO to engage with us and use the information we have to provide momentum for change, we never sought to instigate a regime change what we wanted to do was to highlight the views of our members, and the membership has responded emphatically, and it is now for us to work hard to a better future for all.

At this time, we will not share the finite details of our survey, we need to have meetings with the Trust to explore each result and formulate the plans required.

We thank you for you continued support and membership, we are the only Trade Union willing to do this detailed work for our members, we strive to make EMAS a better place for all and thank you for helping us to do that.

We will keep you informed of our progress.

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