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Compassionate, Competent or Not? Leadership at EMAS – Your View

Published 18th December 2023 by GMB EMAS

EMAS state the following:

“All employees are expected to meet standards of behaviour that adhere to and are in line with EMAS values – Respect, Integrity, Contribution, Teamwork and Compassion

Competence; formerly one of the EMAS values, has been removed. However, EMAS state it remains an underpinning requirement for all its staff.

Your reps have concerns over EMAS’ compassion and competence in dealing with some of the following…

  1. Application of the Attendance Policy
  2. Flexible Working Applications
  3. Adherence to Policy and Legal Timescales on all Levels
  4. Work Related Injury Decisions
  5. Overpayment of Salary
  6. Education and Career Progression and Pay Related Isuses
  7. Tailored Adjustment Plan Issues

GMB are a member led union. We value your opinion; therefore, please complete the following short survey.

Once results have been compiled, GMB@EMAS will address any issues on your behalf at the highest level appropriate.

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