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Attendance Policy Triggers

Published 26th October 2023 by GMB EMAS

We wish to inform all GMB members that as the Trust has decided to make interpretations of the Attendance Policy in relation to absence triggers that we the GMB, feel are not as written.

We now advise every member to have Union representation in every sickness meeting they attend and follow any advice about potential grievances that may result from these meetings.

The GMB as a union have submitted their own grievance in an attempt to address these issues following the breakdown of informal discussions.

Any actions taken could potentially have repercussions for future employment therefore it is important that our members consider this advice accordingly.

Please contact your own local representative in the first instance or alternatively one of the following:

Nigel Beasley 07815 945415

Mark Dawn 07815 418882

Ian Burton 07908 886626

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